Now Booking 2018 Sessions
$150 Family Session Lifestyle family portraits capturing images of the entire family, as well as all relationships shared in your immediate family. We will capture images of the kids individually, together, as well as candids playing with mom and dad.
Home Consultation Your session includes a complimentary home consultation. During this appointment we will come to your home and take a look at your overall decorating style and interior design tastes. We select coordinating colors for your outfits that will compliment your home's interior and select a location that fits your style. If an outdoor session is desired, we can often select the perfect time of year that will look the best in your home. At this time, we will also take a few interior images of your walls and favorite spaces. With our design software, we can give you a visual of images from your session in various products and sizes available, and display them on your very own walls! This process takes the guesswork out of ordering and makes it a fun experience, giving you confidence in your decisions.
We are here to help you every step of the way!
Session Details We take a lifestyle approach to capturing family images. We want to get that perfect portrait of everyone looking good into the camera, but after that, anything goes! We want to capture relationships, and real emotion and interaction. Playing, laughing, hugging, all of these moments are amazing to capture and are beautiful memories we know you will treasure for many years to come. Our family sessions typically are scheduled for one hour, and we may need to add more time for extended family portraits when needed. We also take into consideration the ages of your children, and suggest morning appointments when working with toddlers and younger children in order to get them in the beginning of the day and when they are their happiest.
Ordering Details Your images will be ready to order within two weeks of your session. You will be invited to come in and join us to select your favorite images and place your order at this time. Since we have captured your home interior images ahead of time, we have been able to create product ideas and size them perfectly for your space. We can compare images, size them appropriately, and build different ideas with you. We want to give you the best customer service possible, and have found this is a great way to guide you through this fun experience rather make you select them on your own and possibly make it an overwhelming process for you. Orders typically take about six to eight weeks to process your design and custom products. When they arrive in the studio and are ready for delivery, we also offer complimentary home installation, so you don't even have to sweet talk that hubby of yours to begin displaying your new artwork!