Why we LOVE what we do!

We are in love with photography and we are passionate about creating images you and your family will treasure forever. Our studio captures images of every milestone throughout this wonderful life.  We believe that each day is a blessing and every moment is ever fleeting, and we want to give you very special memories to help you remember those sweet moments that make up your world.

About Our Team

There is a crew that lies behind KimAnne Photography. Without each and every one of them, we could not deliver such an amazing experience and beautiful artwork for our clients. Kim started the studio after graduating from Hawkeye Community College in 2003 and we have grown and changed so much throughout the years. I started this business because of my passion for creating images and making people happy, and I have learned so much as I've grown as an entrepreneur. Sarah joined our team in the spring of 2015, and has brought so much sunshine to my days and in our client's lives as well. She is the fun and loving stay at home mom and has brought much laughter and joy to the studio. Bailey, our talented graphic designer and marketing guru, joined this crazy crew in the fall of 2016 and we are breaking her in everyday to our craziness! My childhood best friend, Jess, continues to remain behind the scenes for extra help and to bounce ideas off of one another. Our studio would not have grown in such a wonderful way without her and her loving support and talents.  And if you book one of our supermodel sessions, you will get to meet Rachel and Emily. Rachel is the biggest sweetheart and one of my very closest friends. That girl can work magic with a curling iron, some hairspray and her makeup kit, and she is simply amazing. Emily is Jessica's sister,  and I've been lucky to have known her since she was around ten years old and has been like a little sister to me too! She started sharing her amazing talents with our senior girls a few years ago, and our seniors love her just as much as we do! We are so blessed to have our Halo girls among our team!